MassEcon PLAN Community Fund

PLAN Community Fund

Grant Program Overview

The Community Fund supports both individuals with disabilities and nonprofit organizations who serve individuals with disabilities.  Grants directly purchase items and services for individuals with disabilities who have little or no financial means or are structured as donations to disability organizations who provide direct services to individuals with disabilities.

Grant Guidelines

Individuals must be current or former PLAN beneficiaries who have been a beneficiary for at least one year and have a trust account balance of less than $25,000 and whose additional financial resources are limited. The item or service requested should demonstrably enhance the applicant’s quality of life. The maximum grant is $5,000 and not more than two grants are given to any one individual.

Disability organizations supported by the Community Fund include nonprofits that directly serve people of all ages with disabilities living in MA and RI. PLAN is currently developing guidelines for the 2019-2020 institutional grant program and we look forward to posting those shortly.

Grant Cycle & Applications

Applications for individual grants are processed on a rotating basis and turnaround is typically two to three weeks.