PLAN of MARI Investment Manager

Investment Manager

Webster Private Bank is focused on investment and financial planning for families and high net worth individuals and provides a full range of customized services including trust and institutional offerings, tailored lending, and premium banking. We provide our clients with holistic, integrated solutions and sophisticated fiduciary, planning and investment offerings, taking pride in delivering straight-forward, objective advice and attentive service from a single relationship manager. With over $28 billion in assets, Webster Financial Corporation is headquartered in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Webster Private Bank provides a comprehensive set of services to PLAN of MA and RI. These include:

Investment Advisory

Our highest responsibility is the safekeeping of Trust assets and the support of PLAN of MA and RI in the prudent stewardship of beneficiary accounts. Our investment advisory services include:

  • Establish, monitor and review the Investment Policy Statement
  • Establish and maintain investment models
  • Performance reporting
  • Guidance and reporting for investment policy review at the account and model level
  • Review of model portfolios and selection process of funds
  • Execute trades and manage liquidity for disbursements, fees and expenses

Administrative Efficiency, Operational Sophistication

Webster is proud to offer both technology and expertise that supports trust administrators in their work as well as individual beneficiaries. These services include:

  • Interfaces that connect the asset custodian, banking and trading partners
  • Custody and safekeeping of assets
  • Reconciliation of holdings and cash
  • Customized statements and reports
  • Calculation, charging and distribution of management and trustee fees
  • Tax reporting and tax-issue resolution
  • Preparation of K-1 and grantor letters and fiduciary filings
  • Statement production and mailing

Fiduciary Oversight

For decades, Webster Private Bank has served clients with disabilities with a full fiduciary standard of care.  We provide:

  • Principal and income accounting with the ability to support separate trust accounts
  • Guidance on trust issues
  • Expertise on retirement account ownership and distributions within trusts
  • Technical support on tax-related issues