PLAN of MARI Trusts & Services

Trusts & Services

We describe our approach to managing trusts as “Prudent Stewardship.” We recognize our most important duty is balancing beneficiaries’ current and future needs while paying strict attention to the nuances of public benefits.

To do this, we conduct a client-centric short and long-term needs assessment that includes benefits, routine and other expenses, and an understanding of how this supplemental resource can improve the beneficiary’s quality of life. We must always be aware that funds in the trust are for the sole benefit of the beneficiary. This information helps us – together with the beneficiary – develop an appropriate spending plan for the funds in the trust. This is something we revisit annually with all of our beneficiaries. 

For those establishing future funded trusts, instead of a spending plan, and as these are third-party (donor-funded) trusts, we work with donors to prepare a LifeCare Plan for the beneficiary.