PLAN of MARI For Families of Special Needs Individuals/Individuals Living With Disability

For Families of Special Needs Individuals/Individuals Living With Disability

Have you thought about the future of your loved one who is living with a disability/has special needs after you are gone?       

Give yourself and your loved one the gift of greater peace of mind! Use these guiding questions to help with planning for a family member who has special needs or who lives with disability – whether the disability be congenital (present at birth) or acquired; physical, developmental, neurological, mental health, or age-related.

Who will:
  • advocate for the special needs/disabled family member should they outlive you?
  • make sure that your disabled family member is in a in a comfortable living situation ? Are they in a safe, clean, caring environment? ?
  • listen to your loved one to make sure their wishes are met?
  • make sure your loved one is socializing with their peers?
  • make sure your loved one gets new clothes when they need them?
  • help find activities for your loved one to participate in that they enjoy?
  • make sure your loved one has access to any public benefits, such as disability income and Medicaid, for which they qualify?
  • help manage your loved one’s money, so that day-to-day expenses don’t go unpaid, but there are also funds available for products, services, and activities that would improve their quality of life?
If you decide to go with a Trustee to manage your special needs family member’s affairs,
  • who will that Trustee be?
  • is the Trustee capable of carrying out all of the necessary responsibilities correctly?
  • does the Trustee have experience managing the funds and ensuring the life quality of an individual with special needs/individual living with disability?
  • will I have peace of mind knowing my loved one is well cared for?
If you have difficulty answering any of the questions above, PLAN is here to help.

We help families of individuals living with disability/special needs individuals gain peace of mind, by: 

  • Operating Special Needs Trusts that support beneficiaries’ long-term needs including:
    • Pooled Special Needs Trusts
    • First Party and Third Party stand-alone Special Needs Trusts
  • Helping special needs trust beneficiaries use their funds most effectively
  • Serving as Trustee and meeting the special needs trust’s legal and financial requirements