PLAN of MARI Collettey’s Cookies: Special Cookies from a Special Girl

Collettey’s Cookies: Special Cookies from a Special Girl

Date posted: May 9, 2023

In this episode, we hear from Collette Divitto, the founder of the nationally recognized baking business Collettey’s Cookies, as well as her mother Rosemary Alfredo.


Collette, who was born in 1990 with Down syndrome, developed her passion for baking while taking classes in high school in her hometown of Ridgefield, Connecticut. She graduated from a three-year LIFE program at Clemson University in just two years. Despite going on many interviews, she encountered significant barriers to employment after moving to Boston. However, she never let this dissuade her and began turning her passion for baking into both a successful business and a platform from which to advocate for people with disabilities and improving their employment opportunities.


Please enjoy this fascinating and inspiring conversation between our host Jordan Rich, Collette and Rosemary.