PLAN of MARI How Can a Special Needs Trust Help Me or My Loved One?

How Can a Special Needs Trust Help Me or My Loved One?

Date posted: September 3, 2019

Special needs trusts are legal and financial tools that are set up for people with disabilities to cover supplemental expenses not paid for by public benefits. Trustees of special needs trusts must ensure that beneficiaries remain eligible for need-based government benefits and strike a balance between the beneficiary’s current and future needs. Because these accounts can be set up in different ways, it is important to know which features and benefits are most important to you and your family. All special needs trusts set aside funds solely for benefit of the person with the disability.

PLAN offers an all-inclusive service model, meaning that trust participants receive dedicated service coordination by licensed social workers; funds are held in a trust and managed by a professional investment firm. All services, including disbursements, trust administration, case management, investing, and annual reporting are included in one annual fee. Because trustee services are included in PLAN’s services, family members and friends can focus on personal relationships rather than on compliance with trust, tax, and public benefits laws and paying bills.

Professional special needs trust providers can help lift some of the burden on special needs families by providing comprehensive and intergenerational support using this important long-term planning tool. If you’d like to explore how a special needs trust can help you and your family, we’d like to speak with you, too.