PLAN of MARI Mary’s Story: Supporting a Working Adult with Disabilities

Mary’s Story: Supporting a Working Adult with Disabilities

Date posted: July 14, 2016

Mary has a college degree in retail marketing, and works part-time at a gift shop when she is feeling well. The shop owner is a family friend, who allows Mary great flexibility. There are times when Mary is unable to work for a month or more. When Mary is working, she is a great help to the shop. Even so, Mary’s income is very limited and insufficient to cover many of her costs; she needs the public benefits to which she is entitled.

Mary’s parents, George and Helen, found a resource to help them assist Mary. This resource is a special needs pooled trust. George and Helen, now in their early 60’s, opened a trust account with PLAN with an initial deposit of $25,000; they deposit additional funds as often as they can. They also made the trust the beneficiary of life insurance policies they each have.

Mary has established a strong connection to her Service Coordinator at PLAN. Mary and her parents, working with their PLAN Service Coordinator, have developed a Life Care Plan. This plan details Mary’s medical situation and emotional needs, describes her lifestyle and the supports she needs to maintain this lifestyle. The Service Coordinator also has met Mary’s brother, Phillip. The entire family feels very reassured and comfortable knowing Mary gets help from a caring social worker, protection for her public benefits, and is able to maintain her quality of life.